Thirteen Years Ago: A Girl Named Elizabeth Met A Boy Named Brandon

Throughout the years, we were friends, more than friends, confidants, and eventually…in love! Growing up in Bailey, we knew each other from school and mutual best friends. We went to dances together, ice skating, bowling, birthday parties, and on crazy adventures, all the while skirting around the thin line of friends to more than friends. In college, we kept in touch and remained friends.

Every year, Brandon invited me to his Air Force Academy Balls, but I always refused to be his date because I was hesistant to ruin our friendship (although I subconsciously was in love with him and so jealous of his dates). Recovering from her previous refusals, I finally got the courage to ask Elizabeth on a real date over Thanksgiving Break 2011. We went star gazing, which Fred and Marko had a hard time believing that’s what we were really doing ;), snowboarding, to jumpstreet, and on a romantic excursion into downtown Littleton (the metropolis to us mountain kids) to the Melting Pot. Brandon tried coercing me into kissing him with plentiful devious ways, including a drawing of missletoe, real mistletoe when that didn’t work, and anything else he could think of, and FINALLY I gave in. That kiss sealed the deal cause their was no way I was going to let Brandon’s mad kissing skills get away.

After that, Elizabeth told me she wanted one and only one Christmas Present from me but I had to guess what it was. Luckily, I guessed right. On New Years Eve, at 11:59 pm, I made Elizabeth close her eyes, placed a stuffed elephant in her hands. When she opened her eyes, as the New Years Ball dropped, she read the t-shirt I had made for the elephant, and read, “Will you be my girlfriend?” And of course, I said yes 🙂 and FINALLY!

After dating for six months, we decided we didn’t want to live without each other. We took a road trip down to San Diego for the 4th of July. After spending an incredible week watching fireworks, playing on the beach, and exploring the city, Brandon suprised me by booking a night at the Hotel del Coronado. Before dinner, we walked down to the beach to take pictures in front of the sunset. Brandon was acting so strange, booking it down to the beach, making me run in heals in the sand (a very difficult task). After getting the camera into position, we began to take pictures. Brandon’s heart was beating so fast and I just kept thinking to myself, “dude, its just pictures.” After a few smiles and poses, Brandon turned to me and said, “Elizabeth, I am tired of being your boyfriend…(at which point I thought he was breaking up with me)…and I want to be your fiance. He slowly sank to one knee, in the sand, pulled a ring out of his pocket, took my hand, and asked, “Elizabeth Allison Milfs, will you marry me?”


I said YES!

Since then, we’ve adopted an adorable husky named Jonah Bear Stenger.

Our cutie patootie we adopted in Nov 2012. Our cutie patootie we adopted in Nov 2012.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Elizabeth, what a story it made tears come to my eyes, 🙂 We have six people living in our house while Jason and Amy new house is being built, it is fun with kids here, Joann retired from the state, and as of now she went back to work I think she likes boss people around and you know me. ha! Love you kids. Take Care.

    • I love this! Thank you SO much for sharing your story with all of us! The honeymoon blog is great! Yes- thanks for telling on us grandparents! We will try to take better of the grandkids when that time comes!!!! Love you both so much!!!!

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