What a Wonderful World


Well…we did it! We are officially hitched! Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything I had dreamed it would be from the time I was a little girl. The whole day feels like a blur!

That morning, my girls and I woke up early to get our hair and makeup done. We almost broke the rule of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding! We were all staying at the Stenger’s house, but the guys were all out sleeping in the trailers, while we ladies had the basement all to ourselves. Since we were getting up so early and the guys had stayed up all night playing games and listening to music in the garage, we figured we would have no problem sneaking out in the morning without Brandon seeing me. But, apparently he was hungry at the same time we were eating breakfast (I think that was just his excuse. Really, he couldn’t spend one more moment away from me). Luckily, I had the best Maid of Honor, who was able to distract him and I was able to escape to the car. After hours and hours and hours…and I mean HOURS of hair and makeup, courtesy of Serenity Salon and Cindy and Drew Folger…I was a beautiful blushing bride, ready to walk down the isle.


Oh, and did I mention I was late?! Rushing over to the barn to get my dress on and ready to take pictures, I realized it didn’t matter if we were late, I was the BRIDE! I’m allowed to be late. Martin was able to practice his golf cart driving skills on my lovely ladies and me, almost throwing us from the back of the cart. But, overall, I think it was a job well done. We arrived at the dressing room in one piece and hair still in the updo position.

I felt such excitement, happiness, nervousness, joy, love, and a complete and total…overwhelming need to cry! Which I did…ALL DAY from the moment I put my dress on till we left the reception for our honeymoon! But, no worries! My two best friends, Ali and Nicole, were there to comfort and pray over me, my mom was there to…make me cry more, and my Dad was able to distract me until half way down the isle where I completely lost it.

Brandon and I exchanged vows-he wiped away my tears and we made one more pinky promise, we kissed…and the deal was sealed! (Thanks to my Uncle Scott who so kindly married us!) Walking back down the isle, we were stopped by our Air Force saber arch and kissed until they were satisfied to let us pass and both Brandon and I were welcomed to the Air Force with a slap on the bottom by a saber (which Evan…I’m pretty sure just I was supposed to be slapped, but we appreciated the gesture).


At this point, the night became a whirlwind of clinking glasses, kissing, tears, jokes, the F-bomb thanks to my Man of Honor, dancing, and good fun.

Brandon and I cut the cake with his saber and shoved cake in each other’s faces. Ok…I nicely put the cake in his mouth until he smeared it on my face, so I had to get him back! I admit, taking a handful of frosting and covering his entire face in it wasn’t exactly the most bridely thing to do…but come on!

Our first dance was beautiful and I cried some more. And I sobbed like a baby when I danced with my dad. The rest of the night we danced and had a great time!


Thanks to all our family and friends who were there to share in our special day and thanks to those who weren’t able to make it but were still there in thoughts and prayers. We love you all and are so appreciative for all you do. I have to give a special shout out to my bridesmaids, I wouldn’t have made it through the day without you. To my Aunt Kelli and Uncle Joe who paid for our beautiful, rustic venue. To my Aunt Suzy and Uncle Jerry who got us our DJ and let me steal your beautiful daughters for my junior bridesmaids. Plus, the candy table was wonderful. To Tonya and Craig Stenger for helping to document the day with our photographer. And to my dad, for paying for it all. To Serenity Salon for making sure my hair stayed up all night and day (a great feat for my head full of unruly hair).

And most of all, to my MOM! The day would not have happened without you and all your hard work!

Look for my next post about our honeymoon!




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